Releasing Co-Design

This instructions will guide you how to release a new version Co-Design.

Follow this guide to release a new version of Co-Design:

  1. Open the repository in your terminal and build the css, the js and the documentation. There shouldn't be any changes in the most cases, but if there are any, commit them.

  2. Now run npm version x.y.z. This will update the package json files and create a new commit with that version name.

    Choose x, y and z based on our current release version and on the amount of changes this release introduces. As a general rule, you'll probably never increment x, you'll increment y if new components are introduced or other major changes are done and you'll increment z in all other cases. When changing y, set z to 0.

  3. Update the version numbers in docs_src/_data/release.json and rebuild the documentation. Amend the release commit with the changes.

  4. Push the commits to GitHub. Create a new release tag there and add a changelog.

  5. Run npm publish to publish the release to NPM. You'll probably need to sign into NPM, when you haven't done so already.

  6. Merge develop into master. This will deploy the documentation.